Women are at the heart of what we do at African Business Collective. The brand is committed to helping them - whether as entrepreneurs starting their own business, promoting their causes, acting in their interest or providing opportunity for employment.

Africa is brimming with female creatives. However, we believe the biggest obstacle to their economic success is lack of access to international markets. We would like to play a small role in taking them one step closer to the global economy.

Are you a female creative spirit, artisan or designer and want to work with us? Contact us here.

88 percent of artists in South Africa who support themselves from their work are male, 12 percent female, and of that group only 3 percent are women of color.
— New York Times, 26 April 2018

70% of the world’s poor are women. Women and girls face more risks as the climate changes, from higher odds of being killed during a natural disaster to a greater risk of being forced into an early marriage or prostitution if prolonged drought or floods destroy a family’s finances.
Did you know that the artisan sector is the second largest employer in the developing world, behind agriculture?
— Indego Africa, 2016